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In order to be able to read your own way into various topics and to keep an eye on the Asylum System in Greece


The Asylum Service portal. Information on Asylum in Greece and statistical data

General Secretariat for Information and Communication

National situational picture regarding the islands at Eastern Aegean Sea: Up-to-date information

UNHCR – Country Report, Greece, 2018

Interagency Participatory Assessment Report: 1,436 Asylum Seekers and refugees discuss their concerns, challenges in annual Greece participatory assessment

UNHCR – Desperate Journeys – January – September 2019

Refugee and migrant children arriving in Europe and how to strengthen their protection

Refugee Rights Europe, along with partner organisations

No end in sight (pdf): The mistreatment of asylum seekers in Greece

This report highlights the human consequences of the EU-Turkey deal and the related Greek containment policy.

Global Detention Project: Greece Immigration Detention

Greece’s immigration detention practices have been repeatedly condemned, including the detention of children in facilities that are unequipped to provide for their needs, the lack of individualised assessment, the use of police stations for immigration detention purposes, and conditions across much of its detention estate that amount to inhuman and degrading treatment.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Public Statement (pdf), 24.10.2019

Detailed comments and observations on the human rights implications of some of the key amendments in the proposed bill “International protection and other provisions”.



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