Health insurance outside primary care

Persons entitled to asylum will be removed from the basic provision after completion of the asylum procedure. This is also associated with deregistration from health insurance.

Subsequently, like other people living in Austria, they can obtain health insurance cover in various ways:

  • by taking up an employment relationship
  • by co-insurance
  • the demand-oriented minimum guarantee
  • childcare allowance or
  • self-insurance, provided the conditions are met.


The Austrian “e-card” is the personal chip card of the electronic administration system of the Austrian Social Insurance. This card must be taken with you every time you visit a doctor or hospital.

During their asylum procedure, asylum seekers only receive an e-card in Vienna.

In the other federal states, asylum seekers usually receive a so-called “e-card replacement receipt” at their care centre, with which they can claim health insurance benefits.

As asylum seekers, they can apply for an e-card if they are no longer in basic care.

If beneficiaries of subsidiary protection remain in the primary care, they do not receive an e-card. If health insurance cover is obtained elsewhere, they can apply for an e-card.