Stay Informed

As the legal framework of the European Asylum System changes constantly, it is important to know how to stay up to date and how to inform oneself about latest developments. The following sources provide a good overview.

The European Commission

The webpage of the European Commission provides information about several social and political topics such as

The section Migration and Home Affairs contains information about the CEASmigration and integration, borders, and many other topics. Among others, it was used for the development of this course. If you would like to browse through details or check whether the given information in this course section is still up to date, feel free to read through the different entries.

EASO – European Asylum Support Office

The European Asylum Support Office is an agency of the European Union and acts as a centre of expertise on asylum. It provides several information and publications centering around asylum such as An Introduction to the Central European Asylum System (2016), explaining the legal basis of the CEAS, its background and different phases.

Additionally, the EASO publishes annual reports on the situation of asyulm in the European Union which provide comprehensive overviews of the developments at European level. You can find the latest reports on the EASO website.