In this online training session we summed up the content of the module “Psychological Support” and exemplified it by means of case examples, exercises and self reflection tasks.

We explained the psychological concepts of altruism and egoism and their relevance for helping others. Further general implications of volunteering have been depicted. We explained institutional frameworks, motive types, psychological functions and benefits of volunteering. We pointed out particular challenges for volunteers active in refugee aid and strategies how to deal with them.

The role of stress and its impact on mental and physical health has been explained, and methods for staying healthy and motivated have been illustrated.

At the end of this online course you should also be aware of the importance of recovery and relaxation and know how to find your individual ways to keep a healthy balance. You can define active regeneration, soul food, relaxation and exercise as important strategies for recovery.

We hope you enjoyed this online module and wish you all the best for your voluntary activities!



Course Syllabus