Support in the provision of basic services

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Within the framework of the universal service agreement, eligible persons are entitled to support benefits.


  • Carrying out a medical examination if necessary during the initial admission according to the specifications of the health authority supervision
  • Securing health care within the meaning of the ASVG through payment of health insurance contributions
  • Granting of necessary benefits not covered by health insurance after individual case examination
  • Measures for persons in need of care

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Specialist consultations are possible

In case of pregnancy, it is important to give this information as early as possible. Pregnant women receive the necessary preventive examinations and are accompanied by the pregnancy.

Another important point is the offer of catching up on vaccinations. In Austria, there are clear recommendations as to which diseases should be vaccinated against. In the case of children, particular attention is paid to the risk of polio.

For refugees with mental illnesses with trauma or for torture survivors, there is a special therapy offer in each federal state. Physical illnesses which cause an increased need for care are taken into account in the corresponding medical findings.

The website provides a good overview of basic care issues in the federal states.

Details on basic services can be obtained from the Austrian Asylum Coordination

The Vienna Refugee Help Center also offers answers to questions about basic care for refugees and volunteers.