CaseWORK Team-Meeting in Italy

Coming together and gaining practical experience in Florence

News: General Progress and Content Development

The CaseWORK-Team is happy to announce that the first phase of the project, the assessment of specific needs of the target group, is now completed. The results of all partner countries (Italy, Greece, Germany, Slovenia, Austria) have been summarized in the form of a transnational report.

The CaseWORK-Team developed a detailed curriculum for the online training and specified its content. All main courses, addressing information about political and legal issues, intercultural competences and psychological support have been subcategorized into several smaller units to simplify the learning experience and to broaden the selection of topics.

Taking a sneak peek: Chapters included in the 2nd course „Intercultural Competences“

what is culture stereotypes non-verbal-communication intercultural communication cultural standards

As the general structure and great parts of the content have already been developed, the team came together in Italy to review the schedule and to plan next steps such as providing translations in all partner languages and conceptualizing design and usability of the courses.

The team focused on the implementation of interactive and collaborative elements for a productive learning environment. The team plans to finalize the courses by the end of February. All test runs are scheduled for March so that the courses will be available in June.

Besides structuring the development of the content, raising interest about the project by advertising was another priority of the project. News about the project itself and interesting facts about volunteering in the field of migration can be found on Facebook on a regular basis. Everyone is welcome to like and share our page „CaseWORK“. Additionally, every partner will launch different events to promote the project and to recruit participants.

Gaining practical experience in the heart of Italy
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In the course of developing a helpful online offer for volunteers, the team was very interested in gaining practical insights of the actual work of volunteers and the overall situation. In order to provide all partners with an additional and first and foremost personal experience, OXFAM put together a field trip to a reception center in San Casciano in Val di Pesa.

The team had the opportunity to talk with employees, volunteers, and refugees. After a small presentation of the organization and its various projects, several refugees shared personal experiences and encounters. All the different insights supported the main premise that volunteers profit from long term support, close relations to volunteers and their expertise. If CaseWORK manages to support volunteers and to provide them with helpful information, the project will contribute to successful integration as a whole.

Helping the Helpers paves the way for successful integration!

The CaseWORK-Team is very committed to this task and will be back with further news and information, soon. In the meantime, everyone who is interested is welcome to keep themselves informed by liking the Facebook page of the project.

Project Partners

Casework is a cooperation between the Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI), the ECC Association for Interdisciplinary Consulting and Education, the INTRGEA Institute for Development of Human Potentials, and Oxfam Italy. More info…