CaseWORK Training Courses: User Agreement

1. The CaseWORK learning platform

The e-learning environment of CaseWORK is a product of the CaseWORK consortium and the European Union.

2. Registration and password

User accounts have private passwords, which should never be disclosed to a third party.

When you confirm this user agreement, you explicitly acknowledge

  • That you will not disclose your user ID and password to anyone.
  • You are responsible for all use of the CaseWORK product that takes place by means of your User-ID and password.
  • For the duration of the CaseWORK training-course, you are solely responsible for any actions linked to your user ID and password.

3. CaseWORK Copyright

When you confirm this user agreement, you explicitly acknowledge that the CaseWORK learning environment contains information, texts, software, pictures, videos, audios, graphics and other materials, which are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents and that the copyright belongs exclusively to the CaseWORK consortium. The right of use for the CaseWORK products is not transferable and only refers to your own use. You may use, reformat, download and print the materials which are made accessible for you in CaseWORK. These rights only refer to private, noncommercial use.

It is not permitted to duplicate, to use, to transfer or to publish the CaseWORK materials for other purposes. Please contact the CaseWORK consortium when you want to use the CaseWORK materials for other than the named purposes.

4. Responsibility exclusion

The learning platform hosting the CaseWORK course is created and maintained by the Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI), who strives to keep it virus free. However, this cannot be guaranteed. We recommend, as is common practice, to install an anti-virus program on your computer in order to guarantee appropriate protection against viruses. ILI and the CaseWORK consortium assume no liability for losses, destruction or damages to your data or your computer system, which may occur during the use of the materials.

5. Data protection

Personal data are saved exclusively for identification purposes and for the creation of the user accounts on the learning platform. The data is not made available to third persons.

6. Atmosphere of communication

In the CaseWork discussion forums, a nice and fair communication atmosphere is expected. Offensive and hurtful statements are to avoid.

7. Deleting registrations

Any intentional violation of this agreement will result in the termination of the registration of the participant in the CaseWORK learning environment.

Project Partners

Casework is a cooperation between the Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI), the ECC Association for Interdisciplinary Consulting and Education, the INTRGEA Institute for Development of Human Potentials, and Oxfam Italy. More info…