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In order to be able to read your own way into various topics and to keep an eye on the accommodation types / schemes offered to asylum seekers and refugees in Greece, you will find below some websites and documents that provide you with current analyses and information and serve as a reference guide for the past.

E.K.K.A. (NCSS – National Center for Social Solidarity)

  • Twice a month, E.K.K.A. publishes updated reports on the situation of Unaccompanied Children in Greece based on accommodation referrals sent to the Service for the Management for Accommodation Requests of Asylum Seekers and Unaccompanied Minors. These reports are available in both Greek and English.


  • UNICEF has released a short film documenting the dreams and despair of boys staying in “Section B,” an area meant to provide specialised protection for unaccompanied children in the Reception and Identification Centre in Moria, on the Greek island of Lesvos.
You can activate subtitles by clicking on the cog symbol in the video player.

UNHCR, Operational Portal on Refugee Situations

RSA (Refugee Support Aegean) – Case Study, June 2019

  • Structural Failure: Why Greece’s reception system failed to provide sustainable solutions.
  • Δομική αποτυχία: γιατί το σύστημα υποδοχής της Ελλάδας δεν κατάφερε να παράγει βιώσιμες λύσεις.



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