Health insurance

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Asylum seekers only have the right to emergency medical treatment. Persons with granted international protection have the right to health insurance. There are two types of insurance: compulsory and supplementary.

The basic (compulsory) health care insurance is managed by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje). Each insured person gets a health insurance card.

Compulsory health care insurance is mandatory. It covers general and urgent health care services and examinations.

Supplementary health insurance is a voluntary insurance, which has to be paid additionally. One can only apply for supplementary health insurance if one has compulsory health insurance.

It is strongly recommended to get supplementary health insurance, as it covers the difference between the full price of healthcare service and the part that is covered by compulsory health insurance. It covers all types of additional payments in all healthcare institutions including primary health care, specialist examinations, diagnostics, laboratory tests, physical therapy, dental services, hospital treatment and prescribed medication.

Without supplementary insurance, one has to pay for all these costs by oneself, which can be very expensive.

The monthly cost of supplementary health insurance is usually around 30 EUR.

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